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2022 Spring Veg and Herb Sale

        Every year, we start off the season with an herb and veg sale in March.  When you purchase herbs and veggies from us in the spring, you help fund fund the farm's year in the most delicious way!  Veggie and Herb transplants will be available the first and second week of March and will be ready to plant. 

The Grill Pack:

     The Grill Pack will include six (6) favorite veggies to grill and/or skewer, such as:  two eggplant varieties, two zucchini varieties, sweet pepper, and spicy pepper.  

The Mediterranean Pack: 

     The Mediterranean Pack will include six (6) veggie and herb favorites used in Italian and Mediterranean cooking, such as: sweet pepper, eggplant, red slicing tomato, yellow slicing tomato, parsley and oregano. 

The Tex-Mex Pack: 

       For those of us that love homemade salsa, this pack will include six (6) Tex-Mex favorites such as: tomatoes, tomatillo, cilantro, mild pepper, and spicy pepper.

Individual Plant Sale: 

       We will also have individual plants for sale on our Market Days, below.

Pick Up

     All Veggie and Herb Packs will be available for pick up in Garden Oaks/Oak Forest or the Heights the first and second weekend of March. 

Market Days

    We will also have two market weekends in March where you can purchase individual plants, and any left over Herb and Veggie packs.  We will have tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, eggplants, basils, oregano, cilantro, our favorite Naughty Marietta Marigolds and more. 

*All plants are grown from seed by me or other local Houstonians.  (Sometimes, my mom crew helps me out.)  Naturally grown, without pesticides.  

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