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DIY Flowers and Greenery

Our DIY Flower Bucket is a way to order flowers and foliage in bulk for reception tables, bouquets,, etc.  Each bucket have 70-80 stems of coordinating focal and filler flowers, as well as greenery. The selection of stems will be well-suited for approximately one bridal bouquet and two small bridesmaid bouquets, three to four small centerpieces OR  15 to 20 bud vases.


Garden's Choice at $95/bucket

Your buckets will contain flowers and greenery that work well together and are in complimentary colorways.  Flowers and greenery are based on the season.  You may choose from Whites and Greens or Garden's Choice (mixed) colorways.  

Are DIY Flowers for me?
Weddings can be stressful and busy.  If you endeavor to create your own wedding florals, we strongly encourage you to have friends and family help you.  In addition, flowers need to be in cool air and properly hydrated at all times.  You will receive your flowers and greenery properly hydrated and processed.  Should they fail after they leave our studio, we are not responsible. 


The details:

1.     Pickup in Garden Oaks, Houston, TX 77018. 

2.     Pickup is Thursday to Saturday a.m.  

3.     Floral buckets include 1/3 focal flowers, 1/3 supporting flowers and 1/3 greenery/herbs.

4.     Please place your order at least one week before your event.  

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