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A glorious garden rose arrangement presented in an elegant vessel.  Perfect for any special occassion, this arrangement is pure romance.   Arrangements are individually crafted by me in our Houston floristry studio.   This is a creamy composition accented with the lightest hint of blush, lilac and peach.


Arrangements vary seasonally but throughout the year, we feature American-grown or Texas-grown roses as we strive to support our American and lcocal flower farmers.  


 A question about pricing.  This is one of our most luxurious arrangements.  Growing roses in our climate is a skill honed by only the few.  Here in the Houston area, we only know of one farm that can grow gorgeous, healthy roses in the large quantities we need!  We purchase our roses from them as much as we can!  Roses are expensive and time intensive to grow. Their value reflects this.  That is why local and American grown cut roses are such a thrill - they are a rarity in the florist world.  The most amazing thing about these roses?  They are richly scented!  They are old-fashioned and frilly and their scent will fill your home.  Treat yourself or someone you love to local roses.  You'll see the difference.  

Le Gardinier

PriceFrom $165.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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