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Mis Quince


At Florelle, we understand the importance of turning fifteen in our culture!  Whether you are celebrating with a special dinner at your favorite restaurant or at home, whether you are celebrating at your local church or have rented an amazing event space, it would be our privilege to provide flowers for this important step into adulthood. Bilingual service - so that we can keep all the tias and abuelitas in the loop of the party preparations!

Working together, we can create a truly jubilant event that celebrates both cultures and brings your family together!  Kindly fill out the INQUIRY FORM below to schedule a consultation.  We will contact you promptly to set up an initial telephone conversation.  Following our initial telephone call, we will set up a time to meet in person (over coffee or lemonade!) and further discuss your dreams and needs.  

(Le podemos ayudar a organizar su fiesta en Español, si prefiere.  Seria nuestro placer!)

*We will strive to use our own locally grown flowers as much as possible for your special day.  However, in order to provide you with your dream flowers, we also reserve the opportunity to purchase flowers from other flower farmers and from our wholesale partners.  

Prices include delivery in Harris County, Texas, vase/vessel rental, set up, contract labor and take down.  Our design fee is also included.  In a nearby county?  We can do it!  Note all vases/vessels are the property of Florelle Farm.  A minimum order of $1,250 is required.  If you would like to purchase/keep your vases, please let us know ahead of time.  A $250 deposit is required. 

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